Hi, friend! Thanks for dropping by. 😘 I’m Marie, an indie author and singer-songwriter from the Philippines. I just recently embarked on this self-publishing and freelance writing journey, and while it hasn’t been easy by any means, experience is the best teacher as they say and I’ve certainly learned a lot!

And that’s why I’m here, to share with you my writing journey — over a cup of coffee (or your beverage of choice) every 3rd of month. Interested? ☕️

What You’ll Get

✔️ A free short story monthly, plus the chance to vote on next month’s story! Fantasy is my coffee, so I’ll be serving it up in different flavors too: black (horror fantasy), latte (romantic fantasy), cappuccino (fairy tale retellings), espresso (superhero fiction)… you get the drift. 😉 These stories will be exclusive to subscribers for the next month.

✔️ First dibs on promo offerings! As I love authors and readers and have made it a life choice to pay it forward, I’m actively getting in touch and teaming up with other creatives to bring opportunities to you. We’re in this together, friends! 💪

✔️ The latest updates on the projects I’m in and the things I’m working on. Sure, I’m no bestselling author, but if you’re someone like me who’s trying to find their way (often through trial and error 🤣) toward writing full-time and turning their passion their career, we might be able to learn from each other.

✔️ Writing opportunities and resources I discovered in the previous month.

✔️ A friend and supporter! 💖 Because this isn’t a one-way street. I would love to hear from you, check out your work, support your projects, scream about your awesome self to the rest of the world…

The best part? You can opt-out anytime you want! No hard feelings, promise. 😊

Hope to chat with you soon!

xoxo, Marie

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Marie Sinadjan

She/her. UK-based Filipino fantasy author, singer-songwriter, musical theatre actress and book reviewer. ✨ www.mariesinadjan.com